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Dr. Gohar Bernal, DMD

Dr. Gohar Bernal, Keeping your family smiling in Fall Creek, Houston, Texas.

“Would you like to take the seat next to me?” I was asked by a young man as I was locating a seat on Southwest Airlines headed to Vegas from Houston. Little did I know that the 10 word sentence would change my life forever. A day prior I had flown to Houston from Nevada where I was attending UNLV School of Dental Medicine. In Houston, I was interviewing for a general practice residency in the Houston Medical Center. My fellow passenger, who was a born Houstonian, volunteered to introduce me to Houston when I was accepted as the new resident. A year later I was living in the Medical Center as a dental resident where I had the privilege to practice dentistry in the world of trauma. I accepted the young man’s proposal to show me around the Houston area and later accepted his hand in marriage. We are parents of a one year old son, Armen Patrick and have established our home in Porter, TX.

I have had the privilege of working with knowledgeable and experienced dentist in the Pleasanton, Rosenberg, Livingston, and Houston areas. I am blessed with many joys in my life; my family, friends, and profession.

I strive to provide exceptional care to my patients in a welcoming environment. My goal as a General Dentist is to educate my patients on the importance of oral care and how your oral health can affect your well-being.

Dr. Mahya Farnia


Dr. Mahya Farnia is from Los Angeles, California. She obtained her dental degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has always had a passion for creating beautiful smiles since childhood. Therefore, she specialized in Orthodontics at University of Indiana.  She enjoys working on adults and kids and strongly believes beautiful smiles can improve confidence and change a person's life forever. She enjoys having long-term connection with her patients.

In her spare time, she likes biking, running and cooking. She is also big fan of soccer and basketball and tries to follow the NBA and MLS very closely. You will not miss her in our office, because she always has a big smile on her face.